Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dorothea Lange at the SF Library

There's a beautiful exhibition of Dorothea Lange's photographs at the San Francisco Public Library in the Skylight Gallery up on the sixth floor. It's photos of her cabin at Steep Ravine perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Terrific.

On Tuesday, Feb 19th, my sister Meg will be showing her film, Dorothea Lange: A Visual Life, at 6 pm in the Koret Auditorium. My dad and I will be there with her to take Q and A after the film. My dad, Rondal Partridge, was her assistant when he was young. We all were folded into the family and used to spend sunny days and windy nights out at the cabin with the Taylor-Lange-Dixons.


Anna Hines said...

I'm testing to see if I can leave a message without signing in.

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful in every way. Meg's film was artfully pieced together - I actually thought that she had interviewed Dorothea personally, her voice was so seamlessly folded together with the photographs and the shots of family and friends. A wonderful glimpse into a photographer's eye and mind.

And then the three of you afterwards! Too much fun. Interesting, informative and entertaining. Well, your dad is so completely and comfortably himself. He is fun to watch and listen to. You and Meg were relaxed and responsive. A good tag team.

A most excellent evening.


Elizabeth Partridge said...

Thanks, KT.
Yeah, good tag team... we're used to totally rustling my dad. He can say really astute things, and really off the wall things, so we always get both!