Sunday, April 27, 2008

Writers: want to laugh-till-you-cry?

Zip over to Elizabeth Bird's wonderful blog on School Library Journal. She's posted a Mitchell and Webb YouTube routine of a writer going over his novel with the editor. Who's making suggestions. Lots of them.

Lest my editor friends feel disparaged, I have to say I found this scene hysterical in a squirmy way because it is like being inside my mind right now, both editor and writer.

Check it out. See what I mean? Ring any bells, writer pals?


anna grossnickle hines said...

Hilarious! Having heard just a few of the ideas you've "auditioned" for your current work I can see how this piece is hitting your crazy bone, Betsy.

As for me, maybe, right now, I could use a session with someone almost as nutty as this editor...a little help to kick open the box and let the IMpossibilities fly.

Elizabeth Partridge said...

Yep. It did really hit my funny bone. Kind of like when I heard that urban myth going around several years ago about the lady who was driving and the rolled up biscuits in the shopping bag in the back seat exploded in the heat of the day, and one hit her in the back of the neck and she grabbed her neck and fainted in the middle of an intersection because she thought she'd been shot and her brains were coming out.
I would laugh so hard I couldn't tell that joke through to the end. I grew up in a family where someone could tell you with a totally straight face their brains were coming out when anyone could see it was just biscuit dough.

Anonymous said...

What if I am writing that. Well, not that, but something like that, only completely different. Because what if I am trying to write whatever I THINK my editor is thinking. Or not.

Because I am too lazy to make a Google or Blogger account I remain,
Your anonymous dog walk companion.

Elizabeth Partridge said...

I see you totally get it!
You made me laugh all over again. That's it exactly -- what I think my editor wants. Or not. Or what I think I want. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes. And yes!

Elizabeth Partridge said...

Or not, Gary!