Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Mexico desert and my friend Dyanna Taylor

When I was at Ghost Ranch in the New Mexico desert for Kindling Words West I couldn't get over the sky and clouds. I keep leaving my little room where I was supposed to be writing to see what was happening in the wide open sky. Here's a few of the photos I took:

Day breaks full of light.

Cool quiet day smelling of wet, promising rain.

Day folding up.

Night comes, the desert at rest.

And after the wonderful sky-filled week, I went to visit my friend Dyanna who lives in the prickly cactus and tumble weeds of the desert outside Santa Fe in a house with windows that stretch floor to ceiling. She's a cinematographer (and excellent still photographer) and lives and breathes the desert light. She had just returned from a week-long shoot on Alzheimer's and was about to head out again, so I was lucky our times clicked.

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Anonymous said...

I looked on Google to see if there was a business name "Dyanna" being my name. I was so surprized when I came across this and being I am from New Mexico. I also could not believe how many Dyanna's with a "Y" that I found.