Sunday, October 5, 2008


I love how the light shifts in the fall. I took this photo a mile from my cabin. I'd just driven down the dirt road to Highway One, where the land meets the water and the sky.Day ends as the sun slips into the water, night comes. Summer ends, autumn pauses, slides into winter. Crisp air, light so rich you can scoop up handfuls and pour it inside you.


Paul Hoffman said...

Lovely photo

We are blessed to live in California where summer - autumn - winter can roll back and forth over each other for about a month until winter says "it's my turn. really."

Anna Grossnickle Hines said...

More poetry.
After my years of dramatic seasonal changes in the east I'm never quite sure when to say it's autumn here, or spring either for that matter, with all the new shoots sprouting in January.

I like your "Autumn pauses", Betsy, and Paul's "roll back and forth over each other". And I do love the freshness after the first fall rains, and the greening after the long parched months of summer.